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Gemma Anderson Racing

Gemma has been involved with horses since her childhood. She progressed onto pony club, before competing nationally at showjumping.

After leaving school, Gemma started working for Nicky Richards, and looked after Better Times Ahead. She  also worked for Len Lungo, before moving to Yorkshire to take out her apprentice licence for David Barron.

Gemma's heart was always in the training of horses. And, after learning the trade, she combines training with the buying and selling of bloodstock, utilising all her skills and experience in the industry to the best level. She operates a dual-purpose license, training horses under both codes from Shawston Stables in Cumbria.

Discover Gemma Anderson Racing...

Our business aim is to ensure first-class commitment towards our clients, be it racehorse ownership at Shawston Stables, or the purchase or sales of bloodstock.

Our longstanding involvement within the industry, combined with our commitment and experience, will move you a little closer to  turning your ultimate dreams into reality.

Contact us for further information on our services, or to find out more about our current horses for sale.

Cumbria, UK
01228 577726 or 07950 724367