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We are guided by our members and  passionate about our business. We are committed to providing the thrill of racing for our owners combined with the opportunity to be amongst good company and have a great time.

Whether you are considering becoming a racehorse owner for the first time, or have been one in your own right or perhaps are with another syndicate, there's really only one factor that sets us apart from others - we really do care for our members.

We offer single horse syndicates, where you can purchase a share from 2.5% to 50%. There are no 'specific share packages' as it depends how much we buy a horse for, as to the % share costs. Owners can choose their own 'packages', some buy a small % in maybe one or even a few horses with different trainers, some choose to have horses under both codes for 'all year round' racing, it is completely up to individual preferences.

The social side of ownership with us is fundamental, the camaraderie within each syndicate is all part of the enjoyment. Get-togethers are always fun filled occasions, whether it be a drinks evening prior to a stable visit, a visit to a local hostelry afterwards or a private box at a prestigious race meeting. Owners involved share a common interest and fast become friends though their love of their horse. 

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