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Ann Duffield Racing

Ann's motto "where horses come first" is very appropriate. All Ann's horses are trained as individuals and while they are undoubtedly creatures of habit, they do all have their own individual characteristics, needs and requirements. At Sun Hill Farm, Ann ensures these needs are met, pure and simple.

While racehorses are not all made equal in terms of racing ability, Ann makes two promsies to all owners. 

Honesty. An honest appraisal of your horses ability, so between us we can make the right decisions.

Fun. All our owners at Sun Hill have a great time being part of their horses progress.

Family apart, Sun Hill is very clearly Ann's priority and turning Sun Hill from a once dilapidated farm into a first-class training establishment, while training lots of winners and ensuring owners feel part of the process along the way, has clearly been achieved. 

And, it hasn't stopped there. Every year the yard, horses, staff and owners have benefitted from further improvements and investment making Sun Hill one of the best yards in the North of England and a great place to have your horse or horses trained.

North Yorkshire, UK
01677 450303 / 07802 496332